Wolf’s French Roast

Roasted Almond, Dark Chocolate, Molasses


Brazil has a long coffee history. What better to bring that into the forefront than with Wolf’s French Roast. It’s a single origin blend that highlights the best Brazil has to offer. At Umble, we cut no corners with this one. You’re hands down getting the best coffee coming out of this region. If you like French roasts, you’ll love Wolf’s!

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Additional Information

Origin: Brazil

Processing Method: Pulped Natural

Importer: Cafe Imports

Roast Level: Dark

Tasting Notes: Roasted Almond, Dark Chocolate, Molasses


  • Sitting around a campfire with friends.
  • Visiting your grandfather.
  • Receiving a great big hug.
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“We like it very much. We would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good cup of coffee!”

Jim & Gina N.Bartlesville, Oklahoma

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